I am stronger than my negative thoughts.

I have excellent control over my thoughts, but sometimes I still experience negative thoughts. I accept that having a few negative thoughts is normal. A few negative thoughts are okay, because I know that I can overcome them.

I avoid thinking negative thoughts, but when they do occur, I choose to override them. I know what I need to accomplish, and I accomplish those things in spite of any negative thoughts I might have.

I know that I have a choice, regardless of any negative thoughts.

Many people allow their negative thoughts to derail their plans. I am stronger than this. I have the strength to continue even when I feel doubt or uncertainty.

I know that negative thoughts are usually false, so I can easily dismiss them. I use my logic to make wise decisions, and I stick with those decisions.

My emotional strength is growing by leaps and bounds. My mental strength allows me to do things others are afraid to even try. My negative thoughts are easily overwhelmed by my inner strength.

Today, I am only allowing myself to have positive thoughts. I choose to ignore any negative thoughts I might have today. I am stronger than my negative thinking. I can choose to have positive thoughts today.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What impact do negative thoughts have on my life? What would happen if I were strong enough to overcome them?

2. When have I come up short because of negative thinking?

3. What would my life look like if I were mentally stronger?

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