[Self-Hypnosis] I Am Loved, Protected, and Safe

[Self-Hypnosis] I Am Loved, Protected, and Safe

I am loved, protected, and safe.

Feeling loved is important to me. I am very loved.

I feel a lot of love in my life. I have love for others, and there are many people that love me. I feel love on every level. I am grateful for all the love in my life and appreciate the positive attention I receive.

I feel protected by the important people in my life.

I am comfortable taking risks. I am able to expand my comfort zone because I feel protected and loved. I am able to embrace failure. I am willing to experience more because I know that the people in my life have my back.

I feel safe.

I am unafraid. I am courageous. My life is under control, and I have all the social support I need. I am in a great position to grow my life and to achieve great things.

I am loved, protected, and safe. This gives me the ability to do and be anything I desire. My options are unlimited. The more love and safety I feel, the more comfortable I am to pursue my dreams.

Today, I appreciate the people in my life. I love those that love me. I protect those that protect me. I feel loved, protected, and safe.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Whom do I appreciate the most in my life? Do they know how much I appreciate them?

2. Who makes me feel unloved? Who makes me feel worried or unsafe? What can I do to change this?

3. What could I do if I felt loved, protected, and safe?

[Self-Hypnosis] Sacrificing My Own Happiness Is Unhealthy

[Self-Hypnosis] Sacrificing My Own Happiness Is Unhealthy

Sacrificing my own happiness is unhealthy.

It is important to remind myself of my value. Taking care of myself allows me to take care of others.

Whenever I am unhappy, it impacts my relationships with others. I rely a lot on my friends and family. Being good to them requires that I am good to myself first. Happiness comes from the inside out.

Putting my happiness aside in a relationship causes resentment to build up. It is unwise for me to sacrifice my feelings to make others feel better.

It only serves to break down trust when I am dishonest about how something makes me feel. I free myself emotionally when I am clear and direct about my feelings. The people who respect my honesty are the ones who deserve a place in my life.

Sacrificing my happiness leads to me disliking things about myself. It is important to love who I am. My relationship with myself is the one that I treasure most.

My mind is clear about the decisions to make when I first think about how they impact me. Although I consider the feelings of others, it is important to ensure that I am okay with my choice.

Today, there is very little room in my life for situations that dishonor my peace of mind. When I focus on ensuring my happiness, all else falls into place. I am patient with the course of my life thus far. I know that I am building a positive future for me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I tell others no without causing hurt?

2. How do I ensure that each day is filled with happiness?

3. How do I know when a decision is bound to make me unhappy?

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