There is no such thing as being needy. Here’s why…

As humans, we are all needy. Meaning, we all have needs. We have needs for food, shelter, water, security, safety. We have needs for connection, belonging, contact, and love. If anyone has ever told you that you are needy, they are wrong. Now maybe the way you go about getting your needs met does not work for the other person and ultimately yourself, but you’re not needy. Needs need to be met. Whether you get your needs met in healthy conscious ways or unconscious way, needs always have a way of getting me. When your needs are not acknowledged and expressed they come out sideways. Either through shadowy behaviors or through covert manipulation.

A Transformational Hypnotherapy Journey to Heal Relationship Patterns

(Once and For All)

5-Week Online Course

Starts May 15th at 5:30pm PT | 6:30pm MT | 8:30pm ET

Sessions are held online and available for on-demand video replay to fit your busy schedule.

Do you struggle with an abandonment wound?


Everything feels more intense with an abandonment wound.


We might find ourselves being “the anxious one” in the relationship, or attracting

partners who are avoidant (or they might seem avoidant to us because any space they

take during conflict or otherwise feels like abandonment.)


Learning to self-soothe when we’re triggered can help us come home to our bodies when

we’re overwhelmed with emotion.


It can also help us shift any anxious-avoidant, push-pull patterns that may be going on in

our intimate relationship as well as overcome any addictions or “numbing techniques”

we may resort to when we’re really upset.


Things like drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis, having sex, binge-eating, shopping or

watching Netflix are some of the ways we numb out. (None of these things are inherently

“bad” but like anything, we can overdo it as a means of escape.)


When we have an abandonment wound, we may perceive minor upsets as a more

significant threat and struggle to maintain our center in the midst of conflict.


Even if the threat isn’t real, these moments can feel terrifying and trigger a deep fear of

abandonment and loss.


We may feel like we need someone to save us from our big emotions. We might feel as

though the walls are caving in on us; we might over-react, or make demands of our

partner from a place of urgency or fear.


We might panic if our partner needs space, or assume that conflict means the

relationship is over. We might feel an overwhelming urge to fix the problem now and

become bitter and resentful if our partner isn’t ready.


If this happens to you, you are not broken. You are not crazy. You have an abandonment

wound and an inner-child that needs tending to.


Are you tired of playing out the same relationship patterns over and over?


Our relationship patterns stem from our earliest childhood experiences. It’s here we

learned our relationship patterns, unhealthy strategies to receive and keep love,

developed the wounds that we consistently try to heal through another’s love, and our

lack of boundaries that keep us feeling scared in our relationships.


During this 5-week transformational hypnotherapy journey, we will heal your

relationship patterns once and for all.


Week 1: Identify your relationship patterns and attachment style.


Week 2: Discover what’s holding you back from receiving the love you deserve. Also

known as your Relationship Shadow.


Week 3: Healing the abandonment wound. Whether you are anxious or avoidant, we all

have an abandonment wound that needs healing.


Week 4: Creating healthy boundaries in relationships so that you feel safe and secure

with yourself and others. 


Week 5: Opening your heart to healthy love.

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