Hypnotherapy Training and Certification

Unleash the Power of Hypnotherapy: Become a Certified Hypnotherapist Today

Transform Lives, Build a Thriving Practice, and Achieve Your Dreams with our Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Course

Hypnotherapy Training and Certification

A warm welcome to you, a beacon of light in the journey towards mental wellness. You’ve dedicated your life to the service of others, helping individuals navigate the complexities of their minds, and now we invite you to deepen your skills even further with our transformative hypnotherapy training program.

At the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute, we understand your passion for empowering those you serve with greater self-awareness and inner strength. Our hypnotherapy training curriculum has been meticulously designed to enhance your existing skills, broaden your therapeutic repertoire, and provide you with an additional powerful tool to facilitate your clients’ healing.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive program that combines the scientific, the experiential, and the spiritual aspects of hypnotherapy. We’ve merged cutting-edge theories with time-honored practices, resulting in a training program that is as effective as it is enlightening. This program, grounded in 60 hours of in-depth study, affords you a robust understanding of hypnotherapy, a skill that will empower you to reach deeper into your clients’ subconscious minds, helping them break free from limiting beliefs and establish healthier mental patterns.


hypnotherapy for addictions.

Transform Lives, Build a Thriving Practice, and Achieve Your Dreams with our Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Course

Our world-class faculty members are seasoned professionals who are committed to imparting their wisdom to you. They’re not just teachers, but mentors who will guide you through your learning journey. Our student-to-teacher ratio is deliberately kept low to ensure personalized attention, and our teaching methods are dynamic and engaging, ensuring that you’ll emerge from our training program a confident, competent hypnotherapist.

Moreover, our program is designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating the busy schedules of working professionals like you. We offer both in-person and online classes, and you’re free to learn at your own pace.

And don’t just take our word for it! We encourage you to read the testimonials of our successful graduates, many of whom are now incorporating hypnotherapy into their own practices and witnessing profound transformations in their clients’ lives.

Finally, we recognize that continuing education is an investment, so we’ve made sure our program is competitively priced without compromising on quality. We also offer payment plans to make it even more accessible for professionals like you.

Enroll in our program today and unlock a new dimension of therapeutic capability. Amplify the impact you make on the lives of your clients and experience the satisfaction of facilitating deeper, more lasting change. Become a part of our community at the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute and take the next step in your professional journey.

We’re excited to welcome you, and together, we’ll work towards a brighter future for mental health.

Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute, a sanctuary of learning where we empower mental health professionals like you with the profound knowledge and skills of hypnotherapy. As a dedicated practitioner in the field of mental health, you understand the power of the mind and the importance of effective therapeutic tools. We invite you to explore the potential of hypnotherapy and experience how this transformative modality can enhance your practice and enrich the lives of those you serve.

What We Offer

At the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute, we offer an enriching, meticulously crafted hypnotherapy training program that synergizes the science of the mind with the art of hypnosis. Our curriculum is the result of extensive research, years of practice, and a commitment to delivering the most comprehensive and effective hypnotherapy training.

Our comprehensive 500-hour hypnotherapy training program takes you on an immersive journey into the subconscious mind’s realm, equipping you with a profound understanding of hypnotherapy and its applications. By the end of our program, you will have the knowledge, confidence, and certification to incorporate hypnotherapy into your practice. This will enable you to extend your reach into your clients’ minds, facilitating their path to wellness in new, empowering, and deeply impactful ways.

Course Modules

Our course modules are carefully designed to balance theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of hypnotherapy. The curriculum covers diverse topics, from the history and philosophy of hypnosis to induction techniques, deepening processes, therapeutic methods, regression techniques, and so much more. Theoretical knowledge is complemented by ample practical sessions, enabling you to apply your learnings in real-life scenarios and gain firsthand experience of the power of hypnotherapy.

Faculty & Learning Environment

Our faculty comprises seasoned hypnotherapists with years of experience in the field. They are not just instructors but mentors, committed to guiding you through your learning journey, providing valuable insights, and sharing their vast knowledge. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures you receive the attention you need, fostering an enriching learning environment that cultivates growth and mastery.

We understand that as a busy professional, you require flexibility. Therefore, we offer both in-person and online hypnotherapy training classes. This allows you to learn at your own pace, without disrupting your existing commitments. Whether you’re a seasoned therapist looking to add another dimension to your practice or a fresh graduate keen to specialize in hypnotherapy, our program caters to varying needs and schedules.

Community & Networking

The Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute doesn’t just offer hypnotherapy training; we offer a community. By enrolling in our program, you become part of a network of professionals who share your passion for mental health and healing. Our institute is a space for you to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and grow together. You will have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and potentially form partnerships that extend beyond the classroom.

Pricing & Payment Plans

We have ensured that our high-quality hypnotherapy training program is competitively priced. We believe that cost should not be a barrier to education and skills enhancement. For this reason, we offer convenient payment plans to make our program accessible to all professionals. Investing in your skills is an investment in your future and the future of mental health care.

Graduate Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it; read the testimonials from our successful graduates. Many of them have seamlessly incorporated hypnotherapy into their practices, witnessing profound transformations in their clients’ lives. Our hypnotherapy training program is not just about learning a new skill; it’s about empowering you to create lasting change in your clients’ lives.

Dr. Sarah Michaels, Licensed Therapist says, “Enrolling in the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute’s training program was a game-changer for my practice. The comprehensive curriculum gave me a deep understanding of hypnotherapy, and I am now confidently incorporating it into my work. I can say without hesitation that this training has revolutionized my approach to mental health care.”

James Blackwood, Counseling Psychologist, shares his transformation: “The hypnotherapy training at Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute has been transformative. The instructors are seasoned professionals who provide an ideal balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application. It’s not just a course; it’s an enriching journey that has allowed me to delve deeper into the subconscious mind and achieve impactful results with my clients.”

Reflecting on her experience, Dr. Laura Patterson, Clinical Psychologist, notes: “I was initially hesitant to explore hypnotherapy, but the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute’s program changed my perspective completely. The course is comprehensive, the faculty is supportive, and the learning environment is truly nurturing. I’ve seen a remarkable shift in my clients’ progress since incorporating hypnotherapy into my practice.”

Echoing the sentiment, Robert Davis, Mental Health Counselor, states: “The Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute’s training program is a must for any mental health professional looking to broaden their skills. The knowledge I’ve gained has allowed me to help my clients on a deeper level. The program is flexible, which was a huge plus for me, and the community is supportive and collaborative.”

Sharing her journey, Dr. Emily Reed, Psychiatrist, says: “As a psychiatrist, I was looking for ways to enhance my therapeutic toolkit, and the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute’s training program was the perfect fit. The curriculum is robust, the instructors are phenomenal, and I’ve gained a new perspective on mental health treatment. I highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to delve deeper into their clients’ minds.”

Reflecting on his transformation, Mark Thompson, Licensed Social Worker, shares: “Completing the hypnotherapy training at the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional journey. Not only have I acquired a powerful new skill, but I’ve also seen firsthand how this approach can bring about profound changes in my clients’ lives. This program is a worthy investment for any mental health professional.”

Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy


In a recent study, hypnotherapy showed to have a 93% success rate after 6 sessions as compared to behavior therapy that showed to have a 72% success rate after 22 sessions and psychoanalysis that showed to have a 38% success rate after 600 sessions.




Behavior Therapy



Enroll Today

Enroll in our hypnotherapy training program today to expand your therapeutic repertoire, enhance your professional development, and bring about a profound difference in the lives of those you serve. We at the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute are committed to your success and look forward to supporting you on this exciting journey.

Remember, investing in your skills is investing in the future of mental health. Join us today and become part of the change you wish to see in the world. Let’s together make a brighter future for mental health through the power of hypnotherapy.

We eagerly await your participation in our hypnotherapy training program. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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