How To Practice Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a great way to improve your life and make long-lasting changes. The best part about self-hypnosis is that you can do it on your own.

To engage, say the positive suggestions below to yourself in the morning when you wake up and at night before you fall asleep. Easy breezy!

I Am Worthy of Manifesting My Dreams

I have a very clear vision of what I want to accomplish. Knowing what I want is the first step to accomplishing it. It is also the first step to deserving it. If I fail to identify what I want, I fail to give myself a chance to receive it. I know what I want.

I am working toward my dreams. I spend time each day putting in the work necessary to manifest my dreams.

I am deserving of success. I am deserving of my dreams. I am worthy.

I have a positive mental attitude in everything that I do. I have an optimistic view of the future. I expect good things to happen because I deserve good things.

Good things are happening right now. My positive attitude attracts success. My outlook attracts my dreams.

I am a good person. I am kind and reliable. I am a good friend and coworker. The people in my life benefit from my existence.

My goodness is plain for the world to see. I know that the world is better because I exist.

Today, I am doing everything I can to be deserving of my dreams. I am using my time wisely. I am clear regarding what I want to accomplish. I am worthy of great things.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What do I want to accomplish in my life? Am I consistent in my desires or do I change my mind often?

2. Do I spend my time each day according to what I want to accomplish?

3. Do I consider myself worthy of manifesting my dreams? Why or why not?

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