I have the power to change my life.


The power to alter my life is already within me. I only need to make smart decisions and then execute those decisions.

I can take the first steps right here and right now. All I have to do is decide to change my life.

I may have to gather additional information or learn new skills to ultimately create the life I desire, but I can get started today!

I am capable of learning anything I need to learn. I can develop any skill that is necessary for me to change my life for the better. I am a capable person.

I control my life. I determine my destiny. I have the power to change my life as I see fit. I have a clear vision of my future. I am determined to make the vision come true.

Obstacles may arise, but I am able to defeat any obstacle that dares to stand in my way. I am free from self-doubt. The power to change my life is absolute. I am a powerful person.


Today, I am taking responsibility for changing my life. I am accepting the power I have to create a new life that I love. I have the power to change my life in any way I choose.

Self-Reflection Questions


  1. What am I determined to change about my life? What areas of my life are most in need of an upgrade?
  2. What am I willing to do to make these changes? What am I willing to give up?
  3. What is the biggest life change I have made so far? How did I do it?
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