What Is Post-Traumatic Growth?

In this episode, Kelly explains what post-traumatic growth actually is. It relates to how we look at situations through our own personal lens. How do you look through the lens of your life? Certainly, Kelly looks at her life through the lens of growth, transformation, and spirituality.

We’re continually trying to find meaning in our lives. Coronavirus is a time of rebirth and regrowth. Although it’s challenging for so many, it’s an opportunity as well. In addition, it’s time to stop. Slow down and tune in with yourself. Let’s live our most aligned and most highly purposed lives collectively. Besides, life just literally stopped – so who are you now? Or who do you choose to be as we move forward in this new way of living?

Furthermore, Kelly speaks about going forward in her own life. Instead of having PTSD, we can have the experience of post-traumatic growth. How present is the fear in your body? Let the fear speak because it has a message for you.

Above all, according to Kelly, once you allow the message to move through you, then you can be free. If your fear could say anything in the whole world, what would it want to say? After letting the fear speak, people start to feel lighter and freer. In other words, we need to build tools and resources to get out of fear. Probably, it is also advisable to do this type of work with a professional such as Kelly so that you can recover with greater ease. It’s your birthright to have peace in your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Later, Kelly talks about heart-centered hypnotherapy, how she got involved with hypnotherapy, and what it took her to get there. At one point, Kelly’s personal relationship and business crumbled simultaneously. It was devastating. However, Kelly was utterly transformed after on session with a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy has changed Kelly’s life from a puddle to starting her own hypnotherapy training school.

Everything goes back to our childhood – as an adult, these thoughts are entirely tripping us up. Stay tuned as Kelly describes the multiple varieties of hypnotherapy and the most important things that women can do during these uncertain times.

“We can have the experience of post-traumatic growth.” – Kelly Bearer

In This Post-Traumatic Growth Episode:
[4:30]  About today’s guest, Kelly Bearer
[6:30]  Kelly’s experiences during COVID-19
[10:50] We are all coming to a crossroad
[16:40] The ways people can go from fear to elation
[20:30] How Kelly started with hypnotherapy
[29:00] Finding self-love despite our childhood thoughts
[33:00] What do we need to do to heal ourselves?
[44:55] Kelly’s number one biohack!

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